Skeleton Weed Program 2018–2019: Report to grain growers

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Program expenditure

Program expenditure totalled $4.258M, while income received from operational activities was $47,000.

The total net cost of the 2018/19 Program was $4.211M (as at 30 June 2019), $113 000 over the budgeted amount of $4.098M. $53,000 of this was due to a shortfall of the budgeted revenue, which can be attributed to a change in the billing timeframes for operational work.

$3.082M was allocated directly to landholder support in the form of search assistance, funding for six Local Action Groups and winter herbicide treatments (Table 1 and Figure 1). A further $1.129M was directed to program support and operational activities such as research, education, regulation and surveillance.

The cost of undertaking surveillance and control within the Perth metropolitan area is more than offset by revenues raised through charging land managers (on a fee for service basis) for work undertaken by project staff.

Table 1 Program expenditure 2018/19

Operational expenditure


Program support activities


Program operations, coordination, audit and compliance

$913 000

Education and awareness

$40 000

Targeted surveillance searching (including metro area)

$150 000

Field research

$26 000

Program support total

$1 129 000

Direct landholder support


Local Action Group support
(Includes chemical purchase $85 000)

$760 000

Provision for landholder searching subsidies

$2 003 000

Infested property support activities

$174 000

Winter spraying - chemical supply (DPIRD)

$145 000

Landholder support total

$3 082 000

Total expenditure

    $4 211 000

Figure 1  Program expenditure over 5 year period

Skeleton Weed program expenditure between 2014 and 2019