Stored Grain Insects



Angoumois grain moth

Sitotroga cerealella



Adult angoumois grain moth (Sitotroga cerealella)
Courtesy of Degesch Inc.

Angoumois grain moth adults are brownish grey, with a long fringe of hairs on the wings. The forewing is yellow-brown and the hind wing tapers abruptly to a point. The wingspan is approximately 12 mm. The larvae have chewing mouthparts, while adults have a sucking proboscis.


Developmental stages
Courtesy of Degesch Inc.

Life cycle
The minimum life cycle is 28 days (under ideal conditions). Forty to One hundred and fifty eggs are laid on the surface of the grain. The larvae bore into the grain, where they feed and develop entirely inside the kernels. Before pupation they cut their characteristic circular exit hole in the seed coat. The adult moth is short lived and non feeding. The moths lay their eggs on wheat heads or corn tips in the field or on stored grain.

Damage caused by angoumois grain moth
Courtesy of Degesch Inc.

These are pests of stored grain. They commonly attack tropical grains (e.g., maize, paddy, sorghum) before harvest. This insect is particularly damaging to whole grain kernels since its larva bores into and devours the endosperm and germ of the kernel.

Larvae in grain kernel
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Modern harvesting and storage procedures have reduced problems with the insect. Fumigation is the preferred control measure. The moth is sensitive to low temperatures.