Weather damage in barley is a common problem worldwide including the south coast of Western Australia (WA) where it is associated with the late spring/early summer rains.

Nitrogen (N) deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency in wheat.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development Diagnostic Laboratory Services (DDLS) - Seed Testing and Certification provides a variety of services including seed testing, crop and

DDLS Seed Testing and Certification is a leading service provider in the field of seed certification.

Using tillage to incorporate lime improves the rates of reaction and increases subsurface pH sooner than spreading lime on the surface alone.

DDLS Seed Testing and Certification offers a wide range of tests to assess the quality of your seed.

Do our current wheat varieties need different management to get the best performance from them.

At Yuna, frost in September affected grain yield and quality of the short maturity varieties but not the longer maturing varieties Magenta and Calingiri.

The challenge in low rainfall areas is to understand the influence of management on the genetic difference of varieties.

The mean site yield was 1.4t/ha and there was no difference in yield between Mace and Hydra wheat.

The following information is a summary of the presentation 'Farm machinery – understanding the true cost and getting the best value out of machinery' delivered by department economists at the 2015

This trial looked at plant density in low rainfall canola.

This trial investigated options for improving production from retained, hybrid and open pollinated canola seed; grading harder, buying new seed, increasing the seed rate, mixing retained and new se

Most canola had acceptable losses prior to harvest, even with delayed harvest. The greatest proportion of losses occurred at harvest.

The Tactical break crop agronomy project has many canola agronomy trials each year.

In a 2014 trial, Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) concluded that it was not worth re-seeding canola.

The Tactical Break Crop Agronomy project has many canola agronomy trials each year.

Yield response to applied nitrogen (N) in lower rainfall areas is often relatively low and may also reduce oil.

In the trial series at Grass Patch, Ballidu, Merredin and Holt Rock, the highest grain yields, oil and gross margins were from the open pollinated variety, so growers should continue to use open po

The Podguard line AN14R9012 appears to be a viable option for direct harvesting and delayed harvesting of canola.

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