Myalup Superficial Aquifer, south-west Western Australia

Page last updated: Tuesday, 24 September 2019 - 10:23am

This interactive map – produced by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) – allows you to explore the extent of the Myalup Superficial Aquifer on the coastal plain of south-west Western Australia, the location of the salt water interface, the depth to the aquifer and the location of monitoring bores.

What you will find on this interactive map

On this map you will find:

  • Depth to groundwater: the yellow lines are depth  contours. These contours represent the estimated depth from the land surface to intersect the aquifer. By hovering your mouse or tapping on an area you can see the depth to the aquifer at that location.
  • Groundwater sub-area boundaries: marked by dashed blue lines.
  • Property boundaries: which show as purple lines when you zoom in enough.

In the Layers menu you can switch on or off:

  • Bores: the orange, red and purple icons represent general monitoring bores, salt water interface monitoring bores and Irrigators monitoring bores respectively. By clicking on these  bore icons you can see more detail.
  • Two AEM (Aerial Electromagnetic) layers: the shallow and deep estimated electrical conductivity within the aquifer, with purple being highest, grading through red to yellow then blue, with blue being lowest. This electrical conductivity of the aquifer is driven by two factors, the salinity of the groundwater (saline water is more conductive than fresh water) and the geological material (clay is more conductive than sand). 

Note: This interactive map does not contain information about the Leederville Aquifer, which is located underneath the Myalup Superficial Aquifer.


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