Wongan Hills Research Station

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Located approximately 5km east of the township of Wongan Hills is DPIRD’s Wongan Hills Research Station. DPIRD has a long history of research at the Research Station. The Wongan Hills Field Research Services team facilitates the delivery of our world class research by the timely and accurate implementation of research experiment programs at the Research Station and across the region.


The Field Research Support Team manage research experiments across the region for DPIRD and on contract to industry. They host a wide array of research on the Research Station and across the region including: 

  • Soil fertility and amelioration
  • Broadacre crop protection (weeds, pests and diseases)
  • Plant breeding & agronomy


  • 400ha of paddocks for field experiments which established on average, 25 field experiments per year (research and demonstration). Features include:
    • Irrigation capability on site (e.g. Used in heat stress trials)
    • Trial pedigree seed production capability (for seed bulk-up)
    • Large-scale seed cleaning, threshing facilities
    • Large sheds and two cool stores
    • Precision plot seeders and plot harvesters and crop sprayers
    • Fertiliser applicators.
  • The Field Research Office building on the Research Station is designed to receive, store and process plant material and grain samples collected from research trials distributed across all grain growing regions in Western Australia. It includes:
    • Delivery bay with forklift access for offloading commercial vehicles and trucks
    • Storage areas with space-saving pallet racking and storage system
    • Controlled environment storage areas to maintain the quality of plant and grain samples
    • Drying ovens within easy access to delivery, storage and processing areas
    • Air conditioned processing area with mobile work benches
    • Air conditioned threshing room with dust extraction and specialised grain cleaning equipment
    • Air conditioned milling room with dust extraction system for grinding grain and plant material.
  • Soil archive facility.


For more information on the facilities and R&D opportunities available at Wongan Hills Research Station please contact:

P: +61 1300 374 731 (1300 DPIRD1) or +61 (0)8 9672 0333
E: enquiries@dpird.wa.gov.au

Wongan Hills Research Station