Geraldton Office and Field Research Services Unit

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Geraldton is a key regional office for grains and farming systems R&D. The Geraldton Office and Field Research Services Unit are located in the Midwest region of Western Australia, 430 kilometres north of Perth.  There is a critical mass of science and technical staff, with office, growth rooms, and laboratory and storage facilities at the office. The Field Research Support Unit (FRSU) team facilitates the delivery of our world class research by the timely and accurate implementation of research experiment programs at the 10 hectare (ha) facility and across the region.


The research focus is applied grains and farming systems research for broad acre crops, invasive pest and resource management. The team includes entomologists, plant pathologists, soil scientists, agronomist and farming systems researchers who along with the field research services team undertake research, development and communication activities, and in collaboration with grower groups in the region and across the state. Through co-investment with industry funding organisation like the Grains Research and Development Corporation the team deliver key research for industry development. Projects include:

  • Re-engineering soils to improve soil water and nutrient use efficiency, 2019-2024, DAW1902-003RTX
  • Increasing farming system profitability and longevity of benefits following soil amelioration, 2019-2024, DAW1901-006RTX 
  • Increased grower profitability on soils with sodicity and transient salinity in the eastern grain belt of the Western Region, 2019-2023, DAW1902-001RTX
  • Disease surveillance and related diagnostics for the Australian grains industry (Western region) GRDC and DPIRD funded project; DAW2104-003RTX
  • Sclerotinia management for narrow leaf lupin crops in Western Australian farming systems, GRDC and DPIRD funded project with Mingenew Irwin Group and Centre for Crop and Disease Management; DAW2104-002RTX
  • Survey of the summer/autumn Brassica refuges for Diamondback Moth (DBM) in the Western Region to predict early season risk of infestation
  • Determining the economic impact of Native Budworm (Helicoverpa punctigera) in cereal crops in the Western Region (GRDC, Geraldton Port Zone only)
  • Automated trapping for key moth pests (iMapPESTS, all WA Port Zones)
  • Western Australian Farming Systems, 2022-2027, DAW2204-003RTX
  • The role of biophysical constraints as drivers of land use changes in the farming systems of WA, PhD study 2019-2023, University of WA 


  • The Field Research Services Team provides research support to DPIRD as well as external clients (grower groups, universities, CSIRO, private companies) across the wheatbelt from Binnu, north of Geraldton, to Badgingarra and Wongan Hills. The Geraldton team collaborates with the Wongan Hills team who have similar research facilities.
  • A 10ha Field Research facility, 10km east of Geraldton, has field research paddocks/plots, growth tunnels, workshop, seed preparation shed, storage sheds and an office.  The site has a wide range of plant and equipment including farm-size and plot-size tractors, seeders and sprayers required to support plant research.
  • Geraldton Research Office and Laboratories located centrally in the town of Geraldton has:
    • Conference and meeting rooms for up to 100 people with audio visual facilities
    • Lab-based facilities for plant, grain, soil and animal research including:
      • Controlled environment rooms, threshing room and equipment, soils labs with fume cupboard, plant pathology lab with laminar flow unit.
      • Grain quality testing equipment, drying ovens, cool room, storage facilities.
      • Growth rooms and laboratory, growth tunnels, workshop, seed preparation shed, storage sheds.


Co-locators at the facilities include Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, Regional Development Australia – Midwest and Gascoyne, Tourism WA, Mid West Food Industry Alliance and Kalyx Research


For more information on the facilities and R&D opportunities available at DPIRD Geraldton please contact:

P: +61 1300 374 731 (1300 DPIRD1) or +61 (0)8 9956 8555

Geraldton Office and Field Research Services Unit