Albany Shellfish Hatchery

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The Albany Shellfish Hatchery provides juvenile oysters and Akoya to the emerging shellfish sector in WA for industry trials and expansion. The hatchery is state-owned but leased to the private operator Athair Aquaculture, with the aim that the hatchery become self-funding as the industry develops.

The hatchery grows several species of marine shellfish in mass quantities to supply grow-out farms throughout WA. This has reduced risk and costs to shellfish aquaculture operators and has resulted in companies investing significantly in the development of the industry. The hatchery may also have capacity to provide spat to growers in the eastern states once biosecurity conditions are met. Demand from commercial operators for juvenile rock oysters and Akoya has increased steadily since the hatchery opened in December 2017. To meet the increased demand, the state government has committed funds to build a shellfish nursery on the site to enable part of the shellfish production cycle to be located outside the existing hatchery and free space to increase spat output. A greenhouse is also planned to increase microalgae production to feed young oysters. To further its work on hatchery technology, DPIRD has also established the Hillarys Shellfish Hatchery, a pilot-scale R&D facility at Hillarys Marina north of Perth.


A major focus of the DPIRD shellfish research team is developing hatchery technology for new shellfish species for aquaculture, and refining technology for existing aquaculture species including rock oyster, Akoya and scallops.


  • High quality water drawn from King George Sound
  • Isolated from other industries
  • Capacity to produce multiple shellfish species with associated biosecurity requirements
  • Floorplan allows quarantining of areas and rooms
  • Isolated drainage for each room and anti-syphoning valves in the plumbing
  • Each room has dedicated equipment with minimal movement between hatchery areas
  • Staff hygiene processes and standard operating procedures in place.


For more information on the facilities and R&D opportunities available at the Albany Shellfish Hatchery please contact:

P: +61 1300 374 731 (1300 DPIRD1)

Albany Shellfish Hatchery