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‘How well is methane calculated to determine livestock emissions?’ will be the topic for discussion at a public lecture in Perth and online next month by a leading United States animal scientist an

Feb 2023
25 January 2023

Join internationally recognised Australian microbiologist, Dr. Christine Jones in the Perth Hills and Swan Valley for a day to discuss innovative perennial horticulture practices.

Febuary  2-16 2023

Keeping olive trees well-fed and adequately watered is the best initial defence against pests and diseases, since vigorous trees are better able to withstand attack and less likely to suffer long-t

Feb 2023
25 January 2023

Farmers interested in growing industrial hemp are invited to attend a field day at the Manjimup Horticultural Research Institute Industrial Hemp Variety Trial site at DPIRD research centre.

The Lambing Planner is a simple tool that allows you to change a lambing date or a joining date to see the impacts of that on other key times in the reproductive year.

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The lambing planner brings together best practice guidelines in one easy-to-use tool.

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SclerotiniaCM uses a forecasting model to assist canola growers with fungicide application decisions, on a paddock by paddock basis, and the likely economic returns from those decisions.

Western Australian researchers have published key findings from five years of research into a strain of soybean dwarf virus (SbDV) impacting subterranean clover pastures.

Feb 2023
23 January 2023

Regenerative farming workshops and masterclasses will be run from Torbay to Margaret River, from Dandaragan to the Perth Hills. These workshops will explore soil biology and offer practical advice...

In Australia, it is illegal to feed restricted animal material (RAM) to ruminants (cattle, sheep, goats, deer, camels and alpacas). This is known as the 'ruminant feed ban'.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) has worked with farmers to document their use of regenerative agriculture practices in Western Australia.

The Food Industry Innovation Project (funded by Royalties for Regions) is supporting the growth of premium and value-added food and beverage businesses by providing a professional service directory

Leading Australian pasture ecologist and carbon farming advocate Dr Christine Jones will tour Western Australia in February, sharing her vast knowledge and experiences with building sustainable and

Condition scoring sheep is an easy and accurate method of estimating the condition or 'nutritional well being' of your sheep flock.

Website accessibility statement for the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

Control information for skeleton weed (Chondrilla juncea L.), a declared pest in Western Australia.

Bluebush pastures are a group of the many pasture types in the southern pastoral rangelands of Western Australia.

These case studies demonstrate the experience and learning of farmers and other land managers from managing dryland salinity on their own properties we and they believe that what they have learnt i


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