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Matching water supply in the soil to crop demand using good irrigation practice is important to produce a high quality potato crop.

Brooms, including scotch broom and needle leaved broom (Cytisus scoparius, Genista linifolia, Genista monspessulana) that have been designated as Weeds of National Signif

Read the following articles: DAFWA’s new Food Industry Innovation project; Why WA needs the Food Industry Innovation project; What is...

Over-application of fertiliser nutrients can cause growth and quality problems in vegetable crops.

When different fruits and vegetables are stored together, one foodstuff may be tainted by odours given off by another.

The storage life of fresh fruit and vegetables varies with type, variety and pre-harvest conditions.

Carrot virus Y has been found in carrot crops throughout Australia.

Manganese deficiency is most often seen on well drained neutral or calcareous soils but heavy fertiliser usage can induce it in other soils, particularly after heavy applications of lime.

Growing strawberries as a commercial crop needs attention to detail to achieve the best results. The information below summarises advice on growing strawberries as recommended in Western Australia.

Spinach is a general term for certain vegetables and may refer to plants from five different families.

Aug 2016
13 May 2016

Agribusiness Sheep Updates 2016 will be held in Perth on 30 August 2016. More details to follow. 

Potato leafminer fly is a potato pest in Indonesia but does not occur in Western Australia. Natural enemies help control it.

Australia’s ability to sell livestock and livestock products depends on evidence from our surveillance systems that we are free of livestock diseases that are reportable or which affect trade. To...

Mar 2016
19 February 2016

Austrade, on behalf of Efic, invite you to attend an SME Briefing, where you’ll learn from the experiences of SME exporters from around Australia.

Sep 2015
17 September 2015

Fertilizer 2015 - Mandurah, WA will host delegates from the majority of fertilizer manufacturers, importers, distributors and contract applicators in Australia.

The program will provide...

Sep 2015
1 September 2015

Natural Resource Management (NRM) WA and the State Natural Resource Management Office invite you to participate in ‘Finding the Balance’.


Sep 2015
21 August 2015

A conference celebrating the International Year of Soils 2015 from a Western Australian soils perspective.

Highlights include: keynote speakers, the annual Boodja lecture, latest soils...

Sep 2014
4 September 2014

Muresk Institute is hosting a rural life weekend for small landholders, rural lifestylers and hobby farmers to learn skills to better manage their land.


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