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The aim of the eConnected Grainbelt Project is to make a real difference to growers’ businesses and the grains industry.

The State Government has invested $28 million in Doppler Radar technology.

Summer weeds can rob subsequent crops of soil nitrogen and stored soil water. They can also reduce crop emergence by causing physical and/or chemical interfence at seeding time.

There are a variety of possible causes of diarrhoea in adult cattle and they are often different to the common causes of diarrhoea, or scours, in calves.

A key component of live animal exports is the health certification that demonstrates to the importing country that the livestock meet market requirements.

All livestock producers should take steps to prevent ruminant livestock accessing meat or animal products.

The release of the nation’s first Digital Infrastructure Atlas will provide WA enterprises with increased opportunities to improve their telecommunications services.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) identifies high quality agricultural land (HQAL) using a methodology that combines land and water resource information, to high

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development works with the land-use planning system to ensure that land and water resources are available for agriculture and food businesses to ex

Guides to plant tolerance of salinity are in the tables below.

NRInfo (natural resource information) provides you access to digital mapping and information for natural resources across Western Australia.

Ruby saltbush (Enchylaena tomentosa) is one of many plant species found in the Western Australian rangelands.

NRInfo (natural resource information) provides digital mapping and information for natural resources across Western Australia.

Renewable chemicals are produced from renewable feedstock using advanced manufacturing processes, leaving a smaller environmental footprint than traditional petrochemicals.

WA now has the best Doppler radar coverage in Australia, thanks to the completion of construction on the State's coastal radar network.

By Kathryn Fleay, CEO, MIG

Ehrlichiosis is a disease of dogs that occurs when a brown dog tick infected with the bacteria, Ehrlichia canis, bites a dog.

The Western Australian Government recognises the value of animal welfare to the community and strives to ensure that all animals receive appropriate standards of care.

This page aims to assist growers to consistently deliver quality jujubes to consumers.

Jujubes (or Chinese dates) are a new horticultural industry in Western Australia. This page outlines fertiliser recommendations for jujubes in Western Australia.


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