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In 2015, barley net-type net blotch came into prominence due to adoption of susceptible barley varieties such as Oxford.

Determining the relative yield loss (tolerance) of commonly grown and newly released oat varieties to crown rot pathogens Fusarium pseudograminearum and F. culmorum.

Developing a process to identify which clusters of patches of rhioctonia in a paddock are economic to treat.

The production of chicons or witlof ('white leaf') chicory is a major industry in many European countries but it is an expensive vegetable to grow as it is a two-stage crop, requiring 'forcing' for

When different fruits and vegetables are stored together, one foodstuff may be tainted by odours given off by another.

The storage life of fresh fruit and vegetables varies with type, variety and pre-harvest conditions.

Carrot virus Y has been found in carrot crops throughout Australia.

Manganese deficiency is most often seen on well drained neutral or calcareous soils but heavy fertiliser usage can induce it in other soils, particularly after heavy applications of lime.

Rhubarb is grown commercially in small quantities in Western Australia for the domestic market. It grows best in cool to warm conditions, with reduced vigour during the cold winter months.

Growing strawberries as a commercial crop needs attention to detail to achieve the best results. The information below summarises advice on growing strawberries as recommended in Western Australia.

Aug 2016
3 August 2016

Come and visit the DAFWA Shed at the Dowerin Field Days. DAFWA staff and projects will be present as we showcase all things Digital Farming.

Spinach is a general term for certain vegetables and may refer to plants from five different families.

Jul 2016
25 July 2016

Bred Well Fed Well workshops aim to increase your confidence in ram selection and purchase through utilising Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) to assist you in buying the right genes for...

Waxflower is susceptible to a range of foliar diseases. The main problems which occur in commercial plantations and their control are outlined here.

The red and green kangaroo paw is the floral emblem of Western Australia.

Verticordias are a diverse group of Australian native plants which display a range of flower colours of orange, yellow, red, pink, cream and white.

This edition includes articles on the adotption of Australian Sheep Breeding Values, a RamSelect case study, is shearing more than once a year worth it, the Agribusiness Sheep Updates and similar...

Aug 2016
13 May 2016

Agribusiness Sheep Updates 2016 will be held in Perth on 30 August 2016. More details to follow. 

May 2016
27 April 2016

In the workshop, delivered by Rural Directions on behalf of the Grower Group Alliance, you will gain practical skills and tools to enhance the management of self and others, to increase the...

Bruising of ware potatoes causes economic loss but good management at harvest and processing can significantly reduce losses.


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