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Plant tolerance of salinity in the tables below are a guide only.

Portuguese millipedes (Ommatoiulus moreleti) belong to a group of animals called Myriapoda (meaning many-legged), which also includes several native Australian millipedes and centipedes.

This page provides up-to-date information on the production, consumption and trade (domestic and international) of sheep meat and wool in Western Australia. 

A benchmarking study was conducted in 2016 on fertiliser and irrigation practices of 10 tomato growers in Carnarvon.

The WaterSmart Farms project will support adoption of on-farm desalinisation plants in agricultural regions, to process brackish groundwater into a suitable resource for livestock, crop agronomy an

Fire is integral to many ecosystems in the Western Australian rangelands.

Feb 2023
27 January 2023

Supporting food and beverage manufacturers transition towards a circular economy.

Citrophilus mealybug (Pseudococcus calceolariae) is a serious pest of many horticultural crops that can downgrade fruit quality and affect fruit production.

A research project has unblocked the barrier to using hot water treatment to meet international protocols for fruit fly disinfestation in mangos, paving the way to lower treatment costs and improve

‘How well is methane calculated to determine livestock emissions?’ will be the topic for discussion at a public lecture in Perth and online next month by a leading United States animal scientist an

Applications for the Feasibility stream are currently closed. Applications will re-open later in the year.

Applications for the Value Add Investment Grants Round Two are now closed.

Feb 2023
25 January 2023

Join internationally recognised Australian microbiologist, Dr. Christine Jones in the Perth Hills and Swan Valley for a day to discuss innovative perennial horticulture practices.

Febuary  2-16 2023

Keeping olive trees well-fed and adequately watered is the best initial defence against pests and diseases, since vigorous trees are better able to withstand attack and less likely to suffer long-t

The following information regarding the use of animals for scientific purposes in Western Australia aims to assist researchers, teachers, members of animal ethics committees and the general public.

Feb 2023
25 January 2023

Farmers interested in growing industrial hemp are invited to attend a field day at the Manjimup Horticultural Research Institute Industrial Hemp Variety Trial site at DPIRD research centre.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development's Agribusiness, Food, Trade and Investment team offers a number of funding initiatives to support Western Australian agribusinesses.

Western Australian Agrifood Export eNews is a weekly e-newsletter from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development which provides up-to-date news related to agrifood and fisheries

The Lambing Planner is a simple tool that allows you to change a lambing date or a joining date to see the impacts of that on other key times in the reproductive year.



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