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If you run livestock, whether on a small scale or commercially, you need a biosecurity plan.

Aspiring entrepreneurs with an idea that would benefit the Western Australian grains industry have an opportunity to apply for a scholarship to attend the Curtin Ignition innovation accelerator pro

This page answers some frequently asked questions about the Australian plague locust.

This article describes the main distinguishing features between Australian plague locusts (Chortoicetes terminifera) and other common grasshoppers/locusts.

After a fire, agisting livestock away from affected properties may be an option.

Managing farm biosecurity following a fire, flood or dry season is a balance of caring for livestock and paddocks while limiting the introduction of new pests, diseases or weeds onto the property.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development acts as the Registrar for the Industrial Hemp Act 2004 in Western Australia.

Field Pea Blackspot Management Guide is a location and season specific weekly forecast.

This article provides industry and community information regarding control of the Australian plague locust in horticultural crops.

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25 May 2018




The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development has teamed up with the Ministry of Data (MoD) to organise and run the inaugural Ag-Tech Hackathon in the Perth CBD, which will be held

This page contains information about managing nutrition in canola crops in Western Australia.

Aboriginal cattle stations will benefit from current information on livestock and business management learnt at the Indigenous Cattlemen’s Workshop and Beef2018 events held recently in Queensland.

There are multiple possible causes of both infertility and abortion in ewes, but making a definitive diagnosis is often difficult. Some diseases which are exotic to Australia can cause abortions.

The Australian plague locust is a declared pest under the the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007.

The wingless grasshopper (Phaulacridium vittatum) is a native insect widely distributed throughout the higher rainfall coastal areas of southern Australia.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development conducts a surveillance program for ewe abortion and newborn lamb deaths to assist sheep producers to identify the cause of abortions a

Blackspot in field peas can occur in three ways; from infected seed, through the soil or most commonly, through infected pea stubble.

Fire, flood and drought can result in large numbers of dead farm animals which need to be disposed of safely.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development has taken action to protect Western Australia’s citrus growers from the threat of citrus canker following confirmation that the disease



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