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All ruminants (including sheep, cattle and goats) require cobalt in their diet for the synthesis of vitamin B12.

A recent survey of the State’s fledgling hemp industry has identified the opportunities and challenges to establishing and expanding industrial hemp production in Western Australia.

Pig owners play a vital role in maintaining Western Australia's high animal health status and reputation as a producer of quality livestock and livestock products.

This page describes the causes and signs of salt poisoning of livestock as well as how to treat and prevent the condition.

Eperythrozoonosis is a disease in sheep and goats caused by the bacterium mycoplasma ovis (formerly known as eperythrozoon ovis).

Aphid numbers are expected to keep increasing with warmer weather but beneficial insects and fungus may also be present
Native budworm activity and trapping update
Omethoate (Le-Mat)...

Redlegged earth mites are damaging advanced crops. Timerite® can assist with spring control
Native budworm moth flights are increasing in numbers and distribution
Powdery mildew found in...

Every year, at the end of July/beginning of August, volunteer farmers, agronomists and some Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) staff commence weekly pheromone trappin

Welcome to the MyCrop tools tutorial page. Here you will find tutorials and testimonials relating to the MyCrop diagnostic and decision support tools.

Stock owners are reminded to monitor their livestock and treat any welfare issues after a landholder was fined $2200 in the Albany Courthouse yesterday.

Applications are now open for the eConnected Grainbelt Project’s new WA Internet of Things (IoT) DecisionAg Grant Program.

Seasonal rainfall update 20 September 2018

Livestock producers in the West Midlands region have been encouraged by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development to look out for and manage wild dogs.

Control methods for Lagarosiphon (Lagarosiphon species) a declared pest in Western Australia.

Control methods for ivy gourd (Coccinia grandis) a declared pest in Western Australia. Report the presence of this organism before undertaking a control measure.

Control methods for Hymenachne (Hymenachne amplexicaulis) a declared pest in Western Australia.

Control method for Harrisia cactus (Harrissia martinii) a declared pest in Western Australia.

Control methods for golden dodder (Cuscuta campestris) a declared pest in Western Australia.

Pruning is a cultural practice involving the removal of tree branches and limbs.

Scheduling irrigation requires an understanding of how much water your soil can hold and how much of that water your crop can use.



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