Regional NRM carbon farming

Carbon farming is the process of managing soil, vegetation, water and animals to increase carbon storage and reduce carbon emissions. The Carbon Farming Awareness project analysed existing and emerging policy, legislation and science to enable identification and development of carbon farming opportunities. Information on farm-based carbon farming was delivered to land managers through partnerships with regional natural resource management (NRM) groups. The project operated from 2012 to 2016.

Greenhouse gases are emitted by activities such as livestock production, soil disturbance, land clearing, savanna burning and use of fertilisers. Improved practices can store (sequester) carbon in plant biomass or the soil. Emissions may be avoided by activities such as altering the timing of savanna burning, manure management and feeding ruminant livestock dietary supplements to reduce methane produced by enteric fermentation.

Carbon farming activities

The Emissions Reduction Fund of the Australian Government (Department of the Environment and Energy) provided incentives for emissions reduction activities across the Australian economy. Emissions reduction methodologies set out the rules for estimating emissions reductions from different activities. These methods ensure that emissions reductions are genuine - that they are real and additional to business as usual operations (Department of the Environment and Energy: Emissions Reduction Fund methods).

There are methodologies for reforestation, forest management, livestock management, manure management, soil organic carbon sequestration, fertiliser use efficiency, savanna fire management and improved energy efficiency activities.

The project produced information to raise awareness of carbon farming opportunities in regional and remote areas.

Contact your local natural resource management group for information about carbon farming in your region.


This project was made possible by the Western Australian Government's Royalties for Regions program.

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