Northern Beef Development

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Past program resources

The former Northern Beef Futures (NBF) project supported industry groups in the Pilbara and Kimberley and aimed to transform the northern beef sector to become a more prosperous, sustainable and resilient pastoral industry through market diversity and, improved business models and supply chains. 

Industry and Government have joined the dots on five major themes arising that will further accelerate the development of the northern beef industry. Read the ‘Joining the Dots’ report for more information. 

The Northern Beef Development program has been updated since its inception in 2014 to reflect the key priorities of the northern beef industry.

The initial focus of the program (formerly named Northern Beef Futures) was to transform the northern beef sector through improved market diversity, business models and supply chains.

The program’s focus shifted in 2020 to improving on-station land, animal husbandry and labour practices to increase productivity and profitability of individual enterprises.

The Northern Beef Future program’s past reports and resources are below:

Profiling Chinese agribusiness beef investment in Australia - VC Group, 2015

Innovative Business Models for Value Creation in the WA Beef sector - EY, 2016

Northern Beef Infrastructure Audit - Acil Allen, 2016

Potential for Rangeland Grassfed Assurance Programs in Western Australia - E Broad, 2016.

Pre-Feasibility Study_New and Innovative Beef Supply Chain Models in Thailand - AEC Group, 2016

Valuing security of supply for WA beef products - PWC, 2016

Trust and Collaboration in the Northern Beef Supply Chain of Western Australia - Acil Allen, 2017

Pilbara Cattle Holding Yards Feasibility Assessment report, PDC

Pilbara Truck Wash Feasibility Assessment report , PDC

Broome and Halls Creek Truck wash feasibility report

Joining the Dots report

Northern Beef Development technical information and resources

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