Manjimup agriculture and food strategy

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Agricultural Expansion

In 2012, the Shire of Manjimup was allocated funding under the State Government’s Royalties for Regions SuperTowns Development Project Fund to implement Manjimup’s Agricultural Expansion.


The Manjimup community’s desire for growth in the agricultural sector was identified and strongly supported by the SuperTown Community Reference Group and the Manjimup Futures community research.

The key economic goal to “Enhance the role of Manjimup as a service centre and agricultural production centre” was identified in the SuperTown Growth Plan and Economic Development Plan, and the council nominated the Agricultural Expansion Project as its highest priority.

The Agricultural Expansion Project is a cross-sector plan with  major components aimed at stimulating research, recognition, marketing and investment in agriculture and food, leading to renewed business confidence, product innovation, increased production and a transition towards a value added food economy.


The overall objectives of the  project are to:

  • reinvigorate confidence and investment in agriculture in the district, thereby increasing population and employment opportunities
  • raise awareness of the quality of Manjimup’s agricultural produce to unite producers, gain new markets and command a price premium
  • develop a comprehensive strategy for Manjimup’s agriculture and food to guide future actions and investment.
  • Improve agricultural education – industry linkages to attract and retain young, dynamic farmers
  • expand the value-added food industry and broaden the industry from primary production to food production and culinary tourism.

Steering committee

A steering committee comprising the Chief Executive Officer of the Shire of Manjimup, the Chief Executive Officer of the South West Development Commission and the Regional Director from DAFWA's Bunbury Office is responsible for monitoring project performance against the milestones in the funding agreement and reporting back to the Department of Regional Development on progress.

Project components

  • Southern Forests Food Council
  • Agriculture and Food Strategy
  • Education and industry linkages
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