Doppler radar investment

The State Government has invested $23 million in Doppler radar technology, through the Royalties for Regions program, to help transform the way Western Australian farmers do business.

Managed by the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA) and supported by the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), this investment will provide much-needed radar coverage with more precise weather information for farm businesses and rural communities across the agricultural regions.

Technology is more important than ever in ensuring our state’s agricultural sector remains internationally competitive, because of both widespread technology adoption in competitor markets such as the United States and cheap labour availability in regions such as South America. 

In addition to technology, weather is seen as the most important factor contributing to the success of our agricultural farm businesses. With greater seasonal variability the importance of weather to agricultural production is increasing.

Doppler radar locations

Radar locations identified in a 2014 report commissioned by DAFWA, will be at Newdegate, South Doodlakine and Watheroo, with each providing a maximum range of 200 kilometres.

Radars are scheduled to be installed by June 2017, with the Bureau of Meteorology responsible for the installation and maintenance of the radars at the three sites across the agricultural region.

doppler radar locations

New Doppler radars will improve coverage across the Western Australian wheatbelt region

DAFWA is committed to acknowledging the traditional custodians of the land and with guidance from the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council, the radars have been given names to reflect Noongar traditions and their function.  

  • Newdegate - Malkar Waadiny (looking for thunder cloud)
  • South Doodlakine - Maar Waadiny (looking for cloud)
  • Watheroo - Maar Warbiny Waadiny (looking for billowing cloud)


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