Potato Industry Assistance Grants (PIAG) Successful Applicants

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Congratulations to the following applicants who have been selected to be awarded a Potato Industry Assistance Grant (PIAG). The State Government will invest $722 000 to boost exports of Western Australian potatoes to Asia and the Middle East through the below grants with an additional total private investment of $2.58 million from grantees.

Applicant Project Title Project Description Grant (Ex co-contribution)  

Fox Farming Pty Ltd.


Installation of a new washing/grading/packaging line.  

This grant will contribute towards installing a custom-built potato washing/ grading/ packing line.


This will enable the supply of high quality washed and/or brushed ware potatoes.


The new washing/grading/packing line is designed to meet the quality standards required for new markets.

$ 142 333  

Pemberton Fresh Pty Ltd.



New Markets for Western Australian Potatoes

Value chain analysis has identified new packaging and storing options for potatoes that will
attract new national and international markets.

This grant will contribute towards the purchasing of innovative packaging equipment to meet specific requirements of new markets, and leverage existing washing facilities available within the industry.

$200 000  

GP Ayres & Sons Pty Ltd.



Infrastructure upgrade - Optical sorter

An equipment upgrade to include a high performance, intelligent optical sorter will be implemented with this grant.


This technology is the first of its type in WA and uses advanced imaging technology for processing of unwashed potatoes. The result will be faster sorting and grading resulting in significantly higher product quality and improved compliance.


This high quality, premium value seed potato will be suitable to meet International requirements and demand for export.

$200 000  

Bendotti Exporters Pty Ltd.


Bendotti Exporters French Fry Steam Peeling Efficiency Upgrade:  

This grant will go towards the upgrade of processing and production equipment to increase the overall efficiency of processing potatoes. 


With the implementation of the new equipment, the production line will use less water; have a higher potato output/input ratio; require less energy input and produce a higher quality product processing potatoes from  growers.

$200 000  


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