Summer weeds

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Button grass

Button grass (Dactyloctenium radulans) is a native species found throughout Australia. It is a common summer weed species and like most summer grass weeds, it depletes soil moisture and nutrients, reducing the yield potential of the subsequent crop. Summer weeds also act as a green bridge for crop pests and disease. The rapid emergence and growth of button grass after rainfall makes it important for the Australian plague locust. It can be a valuable pasture species in arid areas, although overgrazing of button grass can result in toxicity for sheep and cattle.

A mature button grass plant with seed heads.
A mature button grass plant

Button grass is difficult to control, as the stressed, dusty plants are poorly responsive to herbicides. Button grass is often the first species to germinate in summer, but it is also the first species to experience heat or moisture stress. Therefore, it is important to spray herbicides before the plants become stressed.

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