Strychnine is a highly poisonous substance that is used in Western Australia for the control of wild dogs and emus. Its use is restricted by law and confined to certain areas of the State.

The Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia provides information on the use of restricted chemical products, relevant training, conducts property risk assessments and issues permits for use.

To obtain a permit to use strychnine you must demonstrate to your Biosecurity Officer that you understand and can carry out your responsibilities safely and your proposed use does not place non target species at risk.

If you need advice about Strychnine please refer to the material provided on our website.


  • Under the BAM Act, landholders - landowners and occupiers - are responsible for the control of foxes, wild dogs, feral pigs, rabbits and emus on their properties.

  • The Bait and poison directory for vertebrate pests in Western Australia provides a starting point for landholders, pastoralists, retailers, manufacturers and/or wholesalers who want to supply or us

  • Most bait products registered for use on wild dogs in Western Australia use sodium fluoroacetate (1080) as their active ingredient. Landholders have certain obligations under the code of practice f

  • Strychnine is a highly poisonous substance that can only be used for control of pest emus and wild dogs.

  • This article contains the booklet 'landholder information for the safe use and management of strychnine for emu control' and provides a general summary of a landho