Pantry Blitz 2021

Page last updated: Thursday, 1 April 2021 - 12:26pm

Registrations for the Department's Pantry Blitz 2021 have now closed!

Thank you to everyone who has registered for this important one-month program.

Participants will be working alongside DPIRD to help protect the environment and our important agricultural and food industries.

Unwanted pests are sometimes expert hitchhikers, making their way past WA’s borders unseen, hidden inside shipping containers, furniture, and even the food you eat.

Your pantry could be a pit stop along their journey!

The next stop could be your backyard fruit and vegetables, your garden,  local park or supermarket – on their way to cause devastation to our forests, paddocks and orchards.  

Anyone who has signed up for the program will receive a pack in the mail with a trap, assembly instructions and reporting tips.

Instructions for assembling the traps may be found on a detailed information sheet online and via an instructional video, to guide you through the set up.

Participants will be asked to provide an initial set-up report, and then to report once a week for four weeks (five reports in total) about any pests found in the trap, via the MyPestGuide™ Reporter app.

DPIRD experts will identify pests and respond back to you via the app with findings. The app is free, easy to use and can be installed on any android smartphone or iPhone.

Even if no pests are found, program participants are still asked to take photos and send in reports.

Results will be available online.

Trap set-up video


Samantha Scott

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