The Pest and Disease Information Service (PaDIS) provides advisory and identification services on animal and plant pests, weeds and diseases that impact Western Australia's agriculture and food industries. This service plays an important frontline role for the detection and reporting of unfamiliar and potentially damaging pests, weeds and diseases of agricultural and quarantine concern.


  • Nutrition is an important component of plant health. A nutrient deficiency will reduce a plant’s ability to complete its life cycle of producing flowers and fruits.

  • This article outlines the non commercial growing of table grapes.

  • This web page discusses two common training systems for deciduous fruit trees — central leader and vase pruning.

  • Fruit trees and vines sometimes do not get the tender loving care they deserve.

  • Most citrus fruit are well suited to the climatic conditions of the Perth metropolitan area and south west, Western Australia.

  • Pets are most likely to be affected by parasitic pests from spring to autumn.

  • Various diseases can damage native plants at all stages of growth. A description of some of the more important diseases is given here, together with general methods for control.

  • Maintaining the general health of a lawn and the soil beneath it is by far the best way to prevent common problems.

  • Whiteflies or snow flies (Aleyrodidae) are tiny, sap-sucking insects often found on the underside of leaves.

  • This web article describes the most common diseases of vegetables in home gardens.

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