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The Western Australian Organism List (WAOL) database allows you to search for organisms declared under the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007 (BAM Act). It is not a complete list of all organisms in Western Australia or their attributes. Use the database to find the legal status of organisms, control requirements, declared pest species and more.

You can search scientific name, common name, phylum, class, order or family name.

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  • Achroia grisella (Fabricius, 1794) 
    Family: Pyralidae

    Synonyms: Achroia obscurevittella Ragonot 1901, Acroia major Dufrane, 1930, Bombyx cinereola Hübner, 1802, Galleria aluearia Fabricius, 1798, Galleria alvea Haworth, 1811, Meliphora alvearia Stephens, 1829, Meliphora alveariella Guenée, 1845, Tinea anticella Walker, 1863, Tinea grisella Fabricius, 1794. Common name: lesser wax moth.
  • Aethina tumida Murray, 1867 
    Family: Nitidulidae

    Common name: small hive beetle.
  • Bison Bison 
    Family: Bovidae

    Common names: but excluding Beefalo cattle and all animals of 37.5% and less bison genetic material), American Bison (including hybrids thereof.
  • Bison Bison x bos taurus (more than 37.5%) 
    Family: Bovidae

    Common name: Beefalo cattle breed and all animals of 37.5% and more American bison genetic material.
  • Bos javanicus 
    Family: Bovidae

    Common name: Banteng Cattle.
  • Brontispa longissima (Gestro, 1885) 
    Family: Chrysomelidae

    Synonyms: Bronthispa javana Weise, 1922, Bronthispa reicherti Uhmann, 1929, Bronthispa selebensis Gestro, 1923, Brontispa froggatti Sharp, 1904, Brontispa simmondsi Maulik, 1927, Oxycephala longipennis Gestro, 1892, Oxycephala longissima Gestro, 1885. Common names: coconut leaf hispid, coconut hispine beetle, Palm leaf beetle, New hebrides coconut hispid.
  • Cacatua galerita 
    Family: Psittacidae

    Common name: Sulphur-crested Cockatoo.
  • Cacatua sanguinea sanguinea 
    Family: Psittacidae

    Common name: Little Corella (Kimberley subspecies).
  • Cacatua sanguinea westralensis 
    Family: Psittacidae

    Common name: Little Corella (Pilbara-Murchison and northern wheatbelt subspecies).
  • Camelus dromedarius (feral) 
    Family: Camelidae

    Common names: Feral camel, Dromedary camel (feral).
  • Canis familiaris 
    Family: Canidae

    Synonyms: Canis dingo, Canis lupus dingo. Common names: Wild dog hybrids, Wild dog / Dingo / Feral dog.
  • Capra hircus (feral) 
    Family: Bovidae

    Common name: Feral goat.
  • Cervus elaphus 
    Family: Cervidae

    Synonym: Cervus elaphus canadensis. Common names: Wapiti, Red deer, Elk.
  • Chortoicetes terminifera (Walker, 1870) 
    Family: Acrididae

    Synonyms: Calataria coerulescens Sjöstedt, 1931, Calataria rubripes Sjöstedt, 1921, Chortoicetes affinis Rehn, 1907, Chortoicetes yorketownensis Brancsik, 1896, Epacromia terminifera Walker, 1870. Common name: Australian plague locust.
  • Cornu apertus (Born, 1778) 
    Family: Helicidae

    Synonyms: Cantareus apertus (Born, 1780), Helix aperta Born, 1780. Common name: Green snail.
  • Cosmopolites sordidus (Germar, 1824) 
    Family: Curculionidae

    Synonyms: Calandra sordida Germar, 1824, Sphenophorus cribricollis Walker, 1859, Sphenophorus striatus Schoenherr, 1845. Common name: Banana weevil borer.
  • Cryptolestes ferrugineus (Stephens, 1831) 
    Family: Laemophloeidae

    Synonyms: Cucujus ferrugineus Stephens, 1831, Cucujus testaceus von Paykull, 1799. Common names: rusty grain beetle, rust-red grain beetle, Stored products pest, Flat grain beetle.
  • Cryptolestes pusillus (Schönherr, 1817) 
    Family: Laemophloeidae

    Synonyms: Cucujus minutus Olivier, 1791, Cucujus pusillus Schönherr, 1817. Common names: Stored products pest, Flat grain beetle.
  • Dama Dama 
    Family: Cervidae

    Common name: Fallow deer.
  • Dromaius novaehollandiae 
    Family: Casuariidae

    Common name: Emu.

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