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The Western Australian Organism List (WAOL) database allows you to search for organisms declared under the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007 (BAM Act). It is not a complete list of all organisms in Western Australia or their attributes. Use the database to find the legal status of organisms, control requirements, declared pest species and more.

You can search scientific name, common name, phylum, class, order or family name.

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  • Asparagus asparagoides (L.) Druce 
    Family: Asparagaceae

    Common name: bridal creeper.
  • Cacatua pastinator butleri 
    Family: Psittacidae

    Common names: Western Corella (northern and central wheatbelt subspecies), Butler's Corella.
  • Cacatua sanguinea sanguinea 
    Family: Psittacidae

    Common name: Little Corella (Kimberley subspecies).
  • Cacatua sanguinea westralensis 
    Family: Psittacidae

    Common name: Little Corella (Pilbara-Murchison and northern wheatbelt subspecies).
  • Callocephalon fimbriatum 
    Family: Cacatuidae

    Common name: Gang-gang Cockatoo.
  • Calotropis procera (Aiton) W.T.Aiton 
    Family: Apocynaceae

    Common names: rubber bush, calotropis.
  • Calyptorhynchus funereus 
    Family: Psittacidae

    Common name: Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo.
  • Camelus dromedarius (feral) 
    Family: Camelidae

    Common names: Feral camel, Dromedary camel (feral).
  • Canis familiaris 
    Family: Canidae

    Synonyms: Canis dingo, Canis lupus dingo. Common names: Wild dog hybrids, Wild dog / Dingo / Feral dog.
  • Capra hircus (feral) 
    Family: Bovidae

    Common name: Feral goat.
  • Chelodina longicollis 
    Family: Chelidae

    Common name: Common Snake-necked Turtle.
  • Cryptostegia madagascariensis Bojer ex Decne. 
    Family: Apocynaceae

    Common names: rubbervine, Madagascar rubbervine.
  • Cyclopsitta diophthalma 
    Family: Psittacidae

    Common names: Red-faced Fig-parrot, Fig-parrot, Dwarf Fig-parrot, Double-eyed Fig-parrot, Blue-faced Fig-parrot.
  • Dromaius novaehollandiae 
    Family: Casuariidae

    Common name: Emu.
  • Echium plantagineum L. 
    Family: Boraginaceae

    Common names: salvation Jane, Paterson's curse.
  • Equus asinus (feral) 
    Family: Equidae

    Common name: Feral donkey.
  • Equus caballus (feral) 
    Family: Equidae

    Common name: Feral horse.
  • Galium aparine L. 
    Family: Rubiaceae

    Common names: stickywilly, scratch-grass, robin-run-over-the-hedge, goosegrass, common bedstraw, cleavers, catchweed bedstraw, catchweed, bed straw.
  • Galium spurium L. 
    Family: Rubiaceae

    Common names: stickywilly, false cleavers.
  • Leucosarcia melanoleuca 
    Family: Columbidae

    Synonym: Leucosarcia picata. Common name: Wonga Pigeon.

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