Eumerus strigatus (Fallen, 1817)

Eumerus aeneus Macquart, 1829, Eumerus grandicornis Meigen, 1822, Eumerus lunulatus Meigen, 1822, Eumerus melanopus Rondani, 1857, Eumerus planifrons Meigen, 1822, Eumerus rufitarsis Strobl, 1906, Musca lineata Geoffroy, 1785, Pipiza strigata Fallen, 1817, Syrphus acanthodes Rossi, 1794, Syrphus spinipes Rossi, 1794
Lesser bulb fly, Onion bulb fly, Small narcissus fly.

C1 - Exclusion / Prohibited

Organisms which should be excluded from part or all of Western Australia.
  • Applicable area(s):
  • Whole of state