Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius, 1889) (New World)

Aleurodes inconspicua Quaintance, 1900, Aleurodes tabaci Gennadius, 1889, Bemisia achyranthes Singh, 1931, Bemisia bahiana Bondar, 1928, Bemisia costalimai Bondar, 1928, Bemisia emiliae Corbett, 1926, Bemisia goldingi Corbett, 1935, Bemisia gossypiperda Misra & Singh, 1929, Bemisia hibisci Takahashi, 1933, Bemisia longispina Priesner & Hosny, 1934, Bemisia lonicerae Takahashi, 1957, Bemisia manihotis Frappa, 1938, Bemisia minima Danzig, 1964, Bemisia minuscula Danzig, 1964, Bemisia nigeriensis Corbett, 1935, Bemisia restonicae Goux, 1988, Bemisia rhodesiaensis Corbett, 1936, Bemisia signata Bondar, 1928, Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius, 1889) A biotype, Bemisia vayssierei Frappa, 1939
Tobacco whitefly.
The Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius, 1889) (New World) is Permitted - s11 for the whole of state and is not assigned to any control category for a local government area at this time.