Brachycaudus (Appelia) prunicola schwartzi (Börner, 1931)

Anuraphis amygdali (Buckton, 1879), Anuraphis persicae (Boyer de Fonscolombe, 1841), Anuraphis persicae compositarum Rusanova, 1942, Anuraphis persicae praecipuus Rusanova, 1942, Anuraphis schwartzi (Börner, 1931), Aphis amygdali Buckton, 1879, Aphis persicae Koch, C.L., 1854, Appelia schwartzi Börner, 1931, Brachycaudus (Appelia) persicae Boyer de Fonscolombe, 1841, Brachycaudus amygdali (Buckton, 1879), Brachycaudus schwarzi Shaposhnikov, 1956
Almond aphid.

C1 - Exclusion / Prohibited

Organisms which should be excluded from part or all of Western Australia.
  • Applicable area(s):
  • Whole of state