Bjerkandera adusta (Willd.) P. Karst (1879)

Boletus adustus Willd. (1787), Gloeoporus adustus (Willd.) Pilát (1937), Grifola adusta (Willd.) Zmitr. & Malysheva (2006), Leptoporus adustus (Willd.) Quél. (1886), Polyporus adustus (Willd.) Fr. (1821), Polystictus adustus (Willd.) Fr., Polystictus adustus (Willd.) Gillot & Lucand (1890), Tyromyces adustus (Willd.) Pouzar (1966)
Smoky bracket fungus.
The Bjerkandera adusta (Willd.) P. Karst (1879) is Permitted - s11 for the whole of state and is not assigned to any control category for a local government area at this time.