Simosyrphus grandicornis (Macquart, 1842)

Metasyrphus fasciatus Shiraki, 1963, Syrphus australiensis Goot, 1964, Syrphus corollae vitiensis Bezzi, 1928, Syrphus grandicornis Macquart, 1842, Syrphus huttoni Goot, 1964, Syrphus melanurus Bigot, 1884, Syrphus obesus Hutton, 1901, Syrphus pusillus Macquart, 1847, Syrphus sydneyensis Macquart, 1846
common hoverfly.
The Simosyrphus grandicornis (Macquart, 1842) is Permitted - s11 for the whole of state and is not assigned to any control category for a local government area at this time.