Zonocerus variegatus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Acridium sanguinolentum (De Geer, 1773), Acrydium sanguinolentum De Geer, 1773, Acrydium variegatum (Linnaeus, 1758), Gryllus laevis Thunberg, 1824, Gryllus opacus Thunberg, 1815, Gryllus sanguinolentus (De Geer, 1773), Gryllus variegatus Linnaeus, 1758, Ochrophlebia caffra Saussure, 1893, Poecilocera sanguinolenta (De Geer, 1773)
variegated grasshopper.

C1 - Exclusion / Prohibited

Organisms which should be excluded from part or all of Western Australia.
  • Applicable area(s):
  • Whole of state