Diocalandra frumenti (Fabricius, 1801)

Calandra bifasciata Boisduval, 1835, Calandra frumenti Fabricius, 1801, Calandra montrouzieri Chevrolat, 1882, Calandra punctigera Pascoe, 1885, Calandra sechellarum Kolbe, 1910, Sitophilus stigmaticollis Gyllenhal, 1838, Sitophilus subfasciatus Boheman, 1838, Sitophilus subsignatus Gyllenhal, 1838, Sphenophorus cruciger Motschulsky, 1858, Sphenophorus palmarum Montrouzier, 1861
Lesser coconut weevil, Palm weevil borer, four-spotted weevil.
The Diocalandra frumenti (Fabricius, 1801) is Permitted - s11 for the whole of state and is not assigned to any control category for a local government area at this time.