Sitophilus granarius (Linnaeus, 1758)

Calandra laevicosta Philippi & Philippi, 1864, Curculio contractus Geoffroy, 1785, Curculio granarius Linnaeus, 1758, Curculio pulicarius Panzer, 1798, Curculio segetis Linnaeus, 1758, Curculio unicolor Marsham, 1802, Sitophilus remotepunctatus Gyllenhal, 1838
Granary weevil, Stored products pest.

C3 - Management / Prohibited

Organisms that should have some form of management applied that will alleviate the harmful impact of the organism, reduce the numbers or distribution of the organism or prevent or contain the spread of the organism.
  • Applicable area(s):
  • Whole of state