Acrobasis pyrivorella Matsumura 1900

Acrobasis pirivorella (Matsumura), Ectomyelois pirivorella (Matsumura), Ectomyelois pyrivorella Gerasimov, Eurhodope pirivorella (Matsumura), Nephopterix pirivorella (Matsumura), Nephopteryx pirivorella Matsumura, Nephopteryx pyrivorella (Matsumura), Numonia pirivora (Matsumura), Numonia pirivorella (Matsumura), Numonia pyrivora Gerasimov, Numonia pyrivorella (Matsumura), Rhodophaea pirivorella (Matsumura)
Pear fruit moth, pear driller, pear moth, pear pyralid.

C1 - Exclusion / Prohibited

Organisms which should be excluded from part or all of Western Australia.
  • Applicable area(s):
  • Whole of state