Notification of intention to drain or pump water in the Peel–Harvey Catchment

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Regulation 6 of the Soil and Land Conservation Regulations 1992 applies to all types of drainage, including groundwater pumping, within the Peel–Harvey Catchment Area.

Why notification is required

Drainage has been a critical success factor for agricultural development on the Swan Coastal Plain but it has also provided an efficient pathway for the transport of nutrients to waterways and wetlands. These nutrients have encouraged algal blooms that lead to eutrophication in the Peel Inlet and other waterbodies in the region. The resulting large-scale fish kills and strench problems have been a community concern. The implementation of Regulation 6 aims to reduce nutrient discharges from new drainage proposals.

The regulation

Regulation 6 of the Soil and Land Conservation Act (1945) requires all land owners or occupiers who intend to drain land (including pumping) and dispose of the water onto land, other water course or waterbody within the gazetted Peel–Harvey Catchment to submit to the Commissioner of Soil and Land Conservation, a notice of intent to drain or pump water (NOID) form at least 90 days before the drainage starts. The Commissioner sits in the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development and their contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Public notification

The Commissioner will notify affected downstream parties and relevant government authorities, such as the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, local government authorities and the land conservation district committee of the proposed drainage works. The Water Corporation will also be contacted for comment if the works discharge into a drain managed by the corporation.


The Commissioner will complete his assessment of the proposal and advise the proponent in writing of the outcome within 90 days of the NOID being registered.

This assessment is based on a site inspection and must consider the likely increase in discharge of phosphorus, sediment or pollutants, such as animal manure, into waterways.

Contact information

Commissioner Soil and Land

Notification of intention to drain or pump water in the Peel–Harvey Catchment