Wine Industry Newsletter

Since 1981 the Wine Industry Newsletter has been providing the Western Australian wine industry with information on research, development, extension and technical articles. It provides readers with information in a brief and simple format with each issue released on a quarterly basis.

WIN volume 126

In the March 2018 edition of the Wine Industry Newsletter read about the progress made on harvesting alternate wine grape varieties, grape phylloxera, scholarships and grants, Qfly, future events and more.

WIN volume 125

In the December 2017 issue of the Wine Industry Newsletter read about alternative varieties judging, Winemakers' trial forums, sensitive sites, the 2017 winner of the Gladstones Trophy and more...

WIN volume 124

In the September 2017 issue of the Wine Industry Newsletter read about the updated Viticulture Spray Guide, alternative varieties bottled as part of two research projects, management of garden weevils, the Grapevine Pinot Gris Virus, findings from an international downy and powdery workshop and...

WIN volume 123

In this June edition of the WIN a new published report on fungicide resistance shows a concerning trend, new activities under the Wine Australia Regional Program are confirmed, a wrap up on the winemaking activities at DAFWA for 2017, nutrient and irrigation assessment benefit Geographe growers...

WIN volume 122

This March edition of the WIN includes a summary of key points from the recent Cabernet hang-time forum, an insight into the DAFWA vintage progress, a reflection on biosecurity planning for the future, a review of recent promotion activities from Wines of WA, an update on the VinSites system...

WIN volume 121

In this last edition for 2016 read about the progress of WA researchers unravelling the DNA of Cabernet clones, how a trip to the USA may hold the key to the orgins of downy mildew in WA and how a UWA student is linking oxgyen status to budburst. Other topics covered include pests and diseases...

WIN volume 120

Welcome to the latest edition of DAFWA's Wine Industry Newsletter featuring an update on the recent Winemakers' trial forum, Wine Australia's regional program for 2016/2017, DAFWA's MyPestGuide app, VinSites and locust activity.

WIN volume 119

This June edition; introduces a program aiming to deliver concise reports on WA grape production, researchers provide an update on a Cabernet genomic project, PhD study heads overseas hunting downy mildew, growers are asked to keep an eye out for an exotic pest, a summary of DAFWA's vintage, an...

WIN Volume 118

This March edition covers biosecurity plans, biotechnologies (Cabernet) workshop summary, new WAVIA website and Chairman's report, tips on soil testing, Entwine Australia, an agrochemical update, news of ChemClear's WA schedule and entrepreneur's program.

WIN Volume 117

This edition of the WIN features the release of a new biosecurity and surveilance app, export market developments, insect and mite update, a wrap up of recent workshops, soil health tips, students learning about wine science and a list of upcoming industry events.

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