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VinSites: insights from grape to glass


In conjunction with Wines of Western Australia and coinciding with the introduction of an APC producers’ committee for winegrapes, DAFWA is partnering with Wine Australia, the grape and wine community’s national statutory services body, on a new national benchmarking system. 

Western Australia has been chosen as the pilot state for VinSites, Wine Australia’s new insights system that will provide grape and wine producers with access to timely and accurate benchmark information, so that they can compare their vineyard’s and/or winery’s business performance with others.

Each vineyard in WA will be mapped in VinSites, a web-based tool, using satellite technology. Maps previously developed by DAFWA and that are freely available to producers, will be used to verify the satellite imagery. These maps can be downloaded from the department’s website. Vineyard owners can then claim their vineyard and enter their own specific varietal, harvest, rootstock, block and water information.

The vineyard information is also linked to production data, with winery intakes to provide winegrowers and winemakers with accurate and timely information about yields by variety and by region. 

Is VinSites data collection mandatory?

Entering data into VinSites is not mandatory. Once vineyard owners claim their vineyard it will be matched with the known crush data information. It is then up to each individual how much extra information they wish to enter for their vineyard. The more information entered, the more accurate and valuable the reports and comparisons become.

Providing a service to levy payers

Currently, the wine sector has access to many disparate data repositories, all with slightly different content or out-of-date information.

VinSites will provide an accurate single source of truth for all wine producers to access. No more unreliable or unconfirmed data. The information entered will come straight from the user, in as much or as little detail as they choose. The user can choose who sees what: what the public see, what other growers see and what Wine Australia can see.

The information will give grape and wine producers an insight into their position in the sector but the value they get out of VinSites will only be as good as the details they enter.

When will VinSites be available?
The new tool will ‘go live’ in Western Australia and the Riverland in August 2016.

How much does it cost to use?
VinSites is a free tool provided by Wine Australia for grape and wine producers.

Is my personal information confidential?
Yes, user privacy and data security is a primary objective of the VinSites development and is assured.

Growers are encouraged to opt in to participate in the pilot. For more information, visit

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