Wine Industry Newsletter

DBCA prescribed burning program

With the recent rain events across the regions, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) are currently formulating their Autumn burn program across the south west of the state.

Weather conditions over the next week will be critical to this planning progress with a potential for conditions to be conducive for an early start. Considering this, it is strongly encouraged that grape growers and winemakers inform their respective regional associations on approximate final pick dates and vineyard locations.

Maintaining timely and clear two-way communications with all stakeholders is imperative.  The state and regional associations work with DBCA and local government to minimise the risk to producers of prescribed burning/bushfire risk mitigation programs while allowing the management of fuel loads to reduce the severity and size of bushfires in the regions.  

To access DBCA’s indicative burn programs for the 2021 Autumn season by region, see below.  
Perth Coastal/Hills
Perth Hills/Mundaring
Perth Hills/Jarrahdale
Perth Hills/Dwellingup
South West/Blackwood
Southern Forest/South Coast
South Coast/Denmark/Frankland
South Coast/Albany

Additionally, you can monitor daily prescribed burning plans in your region at