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Future events

The AWRI is delivering a series of webinars in early 2021:

Quantitative methods for Botrytis grey mould detection and estimation in grapes

Thursday 28 January 2021

Estimates of Botrytis contamination of wine-grapes are typically conducted using visual inspection of the fruit but such methods are subjective and prone to error. This is particularly the case if the variety of grape in question has a tightly packed cluster with little space between the individual berries. As such it is not unusual to find that the centre of a grape bunch contains fungal rot while the exterior appears disease-free. This presentation will review some of the recent developments and alternative ways in which Botrytis contamination can be assessed and quantified. The advantages and limitations of each of the methods will be compared with particular reference to in-field situations.

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The origin of Chardonnay clones with historical significance in Australia and California

Thursday 29 April 2021

The Chardonnay clone Gingin was imported into Western Australia in 1957 and has become one of Australia’s oldest recognised Chardonnay clones. While its phenotypic similarity to other Chardonnay clones has been noted, its exact origins remained a mystery. The AWRI has established a robust methodology for Chardonnay clonal identification that harnesses the detailed information provided by whole-genome DNA sequencing. This genomic technology was applied to unravel the history of this important grapevine clone by sequencing samples of Gingin and other clones suspected to be related to Gingin, including Mendoza and OF Chard. The findings shed light on the origins of these Chardonnay clones, while demonstrating the utility of the clonal genetic identification technology.

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National Bushfire Conference

Tuesday 25 May 2021

Wine Australia in collaboration with the ASVO, Australian Grape & Wine and AWRI will host a national conference on the latest research findings on bushfire preparedness, smoke effects and recovery from fire. The National Bushfire Conference 2021 will feature leading researchers and be presented at several regional venues around Australia and live-streamed online. Program details will become available soon.

Further details will be available on the Wine Australia website.