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New DPIRD lead fruit scientist

Dr Dario Stefanelli is a new addition at the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) as lead scientist for the Fruit and Perennial Crops section. Dario’s major areas of expertise are plant and fruit physiology, management and bridging pre- and post-harvest quality.

Dario started his journey in agriculture on his family farm in Italy where he grew up around apple and stone fruit orchards.

Dario obtained his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science at Universita’ di Bologna, Italy in Horticulture on pear rootstock evaluation, while also working on apple breeding and variety evaluation. He obtained his PhD at Michigan State University (MSU), USA, in Horticulture on apple orchard production and ground floor management under organic production protocols. At MSU he also continued working on variety and rootstock evaluation in apple and cherries as well as crop load management in apple and grapes.

Dario then moved to Australia in 2007 and worked for 13 years at the Agriculture Victoria Research division of the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions as Group Leader in fruit physiology and organic chemistry. Specific areas of research were physiological responses to environmental inputs, fruit quality and maturity.

Dario Stefanelli
DPIRD new Senior Research Scientist Dario Stefanelli.

Dario’s area of personal interest is to work closely with the horticulture industry on non-destructive sensing technology for practical usage along the entire horticulture value chain, from field to plate.

Dario sees the future of WA as delivering high quality product to the nation and abroad through a state of the art, scientifically sound and technologically vibrant industry and he would very much like to work together with the various industries, universities and grower associations to achieve that future.

Dario is based in Manjimup and is contactable on +61 (0)8 9777 0158