Wine Industry Newsletter

Writing the story for Western Australia’s wine regions

A multi-disciplinary team involving DPIRD’s soils, GIS, climate, and viticulture groups is currently undertaking a study of all WA’s premium wine regions to unearth the story of their unique ‘terroirs’.

An extract from this new study is now available. The Geology, soils and climate of the Margaret River wine region report is from the broader description and analysis of the nine wine regions found in the south west of WA. This was produced separately to support timing of the Margaret River Wine Association’s current project of evaluating links between landscape, climate and soil and the premium wine produced in the region. We have tailored this report to the particular needs of the Margaret River wine region, including the use of local soil names.

The project’s authors, DPIRD senior soil scientists Peter Tille and Angela Stuart-Street and GIS Research Officer Peter Gardiner, have collated geology, elevation, soil and climate information for each region, complemented by a series of maps, charts and tables to show how each WA wine region is distinctive. 

DPIRD Scientist Peter Tille (right) discussing soils with vineyard manager Lee Haselgrove.
DPIRD Research Scientist Peter Tille (right) discussing soils with vineyard manager Lee Haselgrove.

The WA wine industry recognises the importance of communicating to customers an understanding of the vines’ environment and how it may influence wine character and quality. Building a picture of what makes the environment of a wine region unique also contributes to the story of the wine. The information in the new report will support that story and underpin it with the most current available data.

The analysis for the other WA wine regions will be available soon.

DPIRD appreciates the received support and input provided by Wines of WA and the Margaret River Wine Association in delivering this work.

For more information on this study contact Angela Stuart-Street.