WA Livestock Disease Outlook - for producers

Royalties for Regions surveillance information: new pilot program to boost disease surveillance

The R4R Subsidised Disease Investigation Pilot Program is about to be launched to boost surveillance and testing for emergency animal diseases in WA. The program, funded by Royalties for Regions, will subsidise the cost to engage a veterinarian to investigate signs of disease in your stock (cattle, sheep, pigs or goats).

The pilot aims to encourage producers to contact a veterinarian to conduct a thorough disease investigation, helping to ensure emergency animal diseases are detected early. Information from such investigations provides evidence that Australia is free from many trade-sensitive diseases, which supports market access. Producers also benefit by determining the cause of disease, enabling them to put control programs in place and boost their productivity and profitability.

More information is available on the Subsidised Disease Investigation Pilot Program webpage or from the program co-ordinator Kevin Hepworth by email kevin.hepworth@agric.wa.gov.au or mobile 0475 834 486.