Sheep Industry Business Innovation

SIBI Pasture and Sheep Management Professional Development day 

SIBI hosted a very successful professional development (PD) day on sheep and pasture management for FARMANCO consultants and agronomists in Pingelly on the 21st April. The PD training days are aimed improving the technical skills of consultants and agribusiness representatives.

The day was organised by SIBI Research Officer, Perry Dolling, who discussed 'How to boost sheep numbers quickly and cost-effectively'. Other presentations from DAFWA included Phil Nichols who presented on 'Legume pastures and their place in WA’s farming systems' and 'New pasture legumes for WA' and Beth Paganoni who spoke on 'Lifetime ewe management and optimising ewe efficiency'

The knowledge and skills learnt during these PD days help increase the profitability of sheep enterprises and provide the flow on effects  of greater profitability to those not only in agribusiness but also to the wider community. The half day or one day sessions are designed to provide the latest information from Lifetime Ewe Management on the nutritional requirements for the ewe to improve reproduction rates and the management required to realise those increases in reproductive potential. The training also focuses on pasture establishment, agronomy and management. Issues dealt with include overcoming the pasture feed gap, improving pasture quality and re-establishment of pastures in a crop rotation. 

Participants rated their overall satisfaction of the day’s workshop very highly, with one participant commenting that it was a great day with an excellent mix of information and discussion. 

For further information or to participate in a future PD training day, please contact Perry Dolling on 9821 3261 or