Sheep Industry Business Innovation

Woolorama 2016: ready, tech, go!

SIBI's display at Woolorama 2015

The SIBI project will be front and centre at the department’s shed at Wagin Woolorama 2016 with a ‘show and tell’ display of on-farm technology to increase labour efficiency.

A walk-over-weighing (WOW) platform will form part of the display, as a potential technology for regularly and accurately recording the liveweights of individual animals as they move through a sheep traffic zone.

Also featured will be a remote camera set up at the department’s Katanning Research Facility (KRF), where water levels in watering troughs can be checked at set intervals during the day, as well as an aerial drone, which is becoming increasingly popular in sheep management.

SIBI Research Officer John Paul Collins has coordinated the items for display and will be on hand to greet visitors to the shed.

“One of the most common constraints reported by farmers in increasing their sheep flock is the labour involved. SIBI’s activities at the KRF and in partnership with a pilot group of innovative sheep producers will test products designed to improve sheepwork so that new technologies are used to their full potential” he said.

“For example, the liveweight data recorded on a WOW platform, when coupled with Electronic Identification (EID) ear tags, allows liveweight of individual sheep to be recorded and used to aid nutritional management.”

“Similarly, remote monitoring allows sheep producers to keep an eye on water supplies for sheep on multiple properties, saving the time required to physically drive to a separate property to check on a tank or trough.”

“I’m looking forward to discussing the items on display with producers that have had experience with them, and also those who are curious to find out more.”

As well as John Paul’s new technology, plenty of other DAFWA sheep experts will be on hand so visit us to find out more about Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) and how to participate in a RamSelect workshop, and the refreshed Lifetime Ewe Management workshops kicking off in the coming months.

The department’s shed will be located at site 626 Kitchener Street at Wagin Woolorama, Friday 11 and Saturday 12 March.