Protecting WA crops

Meet Crop Protection team member - Bec Severtson

Bec Severtson

Bec has been working as a research scientist with the entomology team at Northam’s DPIRD office since 2022. Bec started her entomology career at DPIRD in South Perth in 2001 as a quarantine officer for both Western Australian and Australian Quarantine Inspection Services. For a change of scenery, and the excuse to visit more remote parts of WA, Bec then worked on invertebrate biodiversity projects on Barrow Island and in the Southwest of WA before going to work for environmental consultancy businesses.

Bec has a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biology with Honours from Curtin University.  Her interest in entomology and biology in general was sparked by a childhood spent in rural mining towns in Qld, SA and WA. This interest extended to crop entomology after moving to the grainbelt 6 years ago.

Bec enjoys contributing articles to the PestFacts WA newsletter to communicate crop protection information and is dedicated to finding out as much as possible about the mysterious Dongara weevil, which is attacking canola in the mid-west.

When not at work, Bec enjoys family time, catching up with friends and getting to the beach when possible.