Protecting WA crops

Meet crop protection team member - Dr Dustin Severtson

Dr Dustin Severtson

Research scientist and entomologist Dr Dustin (aka Dusty) Severtson joined the Department in 2006 and is based at the Northam DPIRD office.

Dusty was born and raised in the Great Plains of North Dakota, USA until the age of 15 when his family moved to a wheat and sheep farm east of Morawa. Here he learned the language of the shearing shed, drove tractors and headers, and finished school at Morawa District High School.

Dusty has a PhD from the University of Western Australia with his thesis titled: Detection and monitoring of cabbage aphids in dryland canola.

Over the years Dusty has worked on a range of entomology projects including the PestFacts WA service (insect identification and communications), native budworm and diamondback moth trapping, and investigating new ways of crop scouting using remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS). Dusty has led development of the CropScout app which helps crop inspectors apply insect spray thresholds in the field and record and map results.

For several years Dusty has been the main organiser for the insect identification training course that is provided annually to consultants by DPIRD.

In his spare time Dusty enjoys smoking meat, growing vegetables and brewing beer.