Stem and leaf rust are being found in oats and barley

  • Narrogin
  • Coomalbidgup

Faan Carlse (Landmark) has found stem and leaf rust on oat volunteers by the roadside in the Narrogin shire. Oat volunteers and patches of wild oats are common places to find oat leaf or stem rust surviving outside of crops. Faan has sent samples off for pathotype testing.

Monica Fields (Farm and General) reports that leaf rust is present in a Baudin barley crop at the early tillering stage at Coomalbidgup. There are 4-5 pustules on the lower leaf of plants. The severity of infection in the paddock is unknown. This crop was not treated with a seed dressings or fertiliser applied fungicide.

It is important that samples of all rusts are sent for pathotype testing. Infected leaf samples should be mailed in paper envelopes (do not use plastic wrapping or plastic lined packages) along with your details and collection information (location, variety etcetera) directly to the Australian Cereal Rust Survey, Plant Breeding Institute, Private Bag 4011, Narellan NSW 2567. Free reply paid envelopes can be ordered from the University of Sydney.

For further details see the University of Sydney's Cereal Rust website and How to prepare and send samples for dispatch to the Australian Cereal Rust Survey.

For further information visit the department’s Oats leaf diseases and Diagnosing barley leaf rust pages.

For more fungicide information refer to the department’s Registered foliar fungicides for cereals in Western Australia.

For more information contact Geoff Thomas, Research Officer, South Perth on +61 (0)8 9368 3982.