Leaf rust and spot type net blotch in barley crops

  • Wongan Hills
  • Coomalbidgup
  • Dalyup
  • Beaumont

Barley leaf rust pustules on a leaf.
Rust pustules on a Bass barley leaf. Photo courtesy of: David Pfeiffer (Synergy).

Eloise Dean (Elders) found leaf rust in Buloke barley at Wongan Hills. The Buloke is at flag leaf to awn peep stage. Propiconazole had been applied earlier in the season. Spot type net blotch is also starting to get going in this crop.

Leaves of barley plants showing distinctive brown circular lesions of spot-type net blotch
Distinctive brown circular lesions of spot-type net blotch. Photo courtesy of Blakely Paynter (DAFWA).

Andrea Hills (DAFWA Plant pathologist) has found leaf rust in a LaTrobe barley crop at Coomalbidgup. Andrea has also reported leaf rust in a flowering Baudin barley crop at Dalyup. The infection was widespread across the crop. Andrea has also had an agronomist report leaf rust in a Bass barley crop at Beaumont. Andrea says that wet paddocks have hampered growers' efforts to get late fungicides on where necessary and crops are now at flowering.

Spraying beyond flowering is not recommended practice; the chance of an economic return is reduced and harvest with holding periods (which range from 4-6 weeks) may be infringed. In high yielding, narrow grained malting varieties it may be useful but there is no trial work available to validate this.

It is recommended that growers spray infections early with a registered foliar fungicide. Foliar fungicides containing triazole and strobilurin are effective in spot-type net blotch control.

For more information on barley leaf rust and spot-type net blotch refer to DAFWA's;

For more information contact Kithsiri Jayasena, Plant Pathologist, Albany on +61 (0)8 9892 8477, Geoff Thomas, Plant Pathologist, South Perth on +61 (0)8 9368 3262 or Andrea Hills, Plant Pathologist, Esperance on +61 (0)8 9083 1144.