PestFax is an informative and interactive reporting service on pests and diseases threatening crops and pastures throughout the grain belt of WA. Weekly news updates throughout the growing season provide readers with risk alerts, current information and advice.

PestFax Issue 14 July 2017

The PestFax Reporter app is gaining popularity – have you used it yet?
African black beetles, weevils and sandgropers in barley
Aphid update and new CropScout app coming soon
Armyworms are present early this season, so will later generations reduce cereal yields?
Places still...

PestFax Issue 13 July 2017

Barley and wheat disease update
Growers are urged to diagnose what is causing patches or uneven growth in their crops
Slime moulds
Aphid activity update
Diamondback moths may be a problem this spring

PestFax Issue 12 July 2017

Beet western yellow virus in canola
Canola downy mildew is widespread
Leaf rust in wheat
Aphids, beneficial insects and slugs are in canola crops

PestFax Issue 11 June 2017

Sclerotinia apothecia found in wheat at Wittenoom Hills
Check paddocks for Russian wheat aphids as well as the usual cereal aphids
Diamondback moth caterpillars are in canola
Mites continue to pose a threat to young canola crops
Mice are active in canola at York

PestFax Issue 10 June 2017

Final canola blackleg sporacle forecast is available and blackleg leaf lesions are appearing in canola crops
Barley disease update and current management recommendations
Growers urged to keep monitoring crops as slaters and caterpillars continue to cause damage

PestFax Issue 9 June 2017

Aphid update
Uncommon insects are damaging canola crops
Fly larvae are mining cereal leaves

PestFax Issue 8 June 2017

Net blotch in barley
Canola aphids
Caterpillars are eating barley and canola
Mites are in canola, cereals and lupins
Growers are urged to check for phosphine resistant grain insects when cleaning empty storage and grain handling equipment

PestFax Issue 7 June 2017

A new field pea blackspot sowing guide forecast is available
Canola aphids are still active
Growers are urged to check canola crops for insect pests even if crops have been sprayed with insecticides previously
A variety of insect pests are being found in emerging barley crops...

PestFax Issue 6 May 2017

Updated field pea blackspot risk forecast for WA available
Growers are urged to check canola crops for redlegged earth mites even if crops have had an insecticidal seed treatment
Weevils and vegetable beetles are attacking vulnerable canola crops
The PestFax map needs your reports...

PestFax Issue 5 May 2017

Leaf rust and loose smut in barley regrowth down south
Canola and cereal virus infection in volunteers
Green peach aphids are colonising on imidacloprid treated canola
Earwigs and vegetable beetles in canola
More weevil and mite activity
Tips on how to identify insects...