PestFax is an informative and interactive reporting service on pests and diseases threatening crops and pastures throughout the grain belt of WA. Weekly news updates throughout the growing season provide readers with risk alerts, current information and advice.

PestFax Issue 9 June 2018

Aphids and virus in canola – a 2018 risk guide
Cabbage aphids are in canola
An unusual aphid found in barley highlights the importance of correct identification
Lucerne flea activity update
Barley spot-type net blotch found
New field pea blackspot risk forecast for WA...

PestFax Issue 8 June 2018

Growers and consultants are urged to check for lucerne flea and mites
Desiantha weevils and rutherglen bugs are in canola
Latest blackleg sporacle forecast is predicting high blackleg risk in southern areas

PestFax Issue 7 June 2018

African black beetle larvae (cockchafers) are damaging emerging barley and wheat
Barley leaf rust found in volunteers down south
Growers are urged to keep checking blackleg risk forecasts as canola crops emerge
Updated field pea blackspot risk forecast for WA available online

PestFax Issue 6 May 2018

Coon and rutherglen bugs
2018 autumn winter insecticide spray guide is now available
Do you use the PestFax map?

PestFax Issue 5 May 2018

Field pea blackspot sowing guide for WA is now available online
Insect pest activity this week
Have your say in pest surveillance

PestFax Issue 4 May 2018

Field pea blackspot disease forecasts will be available next week for WA
A variety of insects, and snails, are being reported as crops emerge
Tips for monitoring and identifying insects in emerging crops

PestFax Issue 3 April 2018

2018 canola blackleg sporacle forecasts are now available
More cases of neonicotinoid resistance in the green peach aphid detected across Australia
The updated I SPY manual is available for download
Other useful information and apps

PestFax Issue 2 April 2018

Australian plague locusts are being found in low numbers
PestFax Reporter app – an easy tool to identify and report crop and pasture pests and diseases
Monitor and manage mice now to avoid seedling damage
Sowing wheat early? Sow longer to minimise frost risk

PestFax Issue 1 April 2018

Green bridge increases risk of early onset of fungal and virus leaf diseases and soil-borne pathogens
Managing sub clover red leaf syndrome in 2018
New app available for managing blackleg in canola
Snails are active in the south

PestFax Issue 26 October 2017

Final PestFax newsletter for 2017!
Sclerotinia is being found in canola
Fasciation found in canola and wild radish
Growers are urged to monitor green bridge to minimise insect pest and plant diseases in crops in 2018
Clean augers, field bins and silos prevent insects...