PestFax is an informative and interactive reporting service on pests and diseases threatening crops and pastures throughout the grain belt of WA. Weekly news updates throughout the growing season provide readers with risk alerts, current information and advice.

PestFax Issue 22 September 2017

Glume blotch and pseudo black chaff found in wheat
More leaf rust found in several wheat varieties up north
Locust and grasshopper hatchings are underway
Uncommon cereal aphid found in wheat crop
Latest native budworm moth activity and management advice

PestFax Issue 21 September 2017

Canola sclerotinia update and managing late infections
More reports of powdery mildew in canola
Growers urged to continue checking wheat for rust
Aphids are active
Diamondback moth update
Other insect pests currently active in cereals
Native budworm moth activity...

PestFax Issue 20 September 2017

Barley and wheat disease update
Canola sclerotinia is widespread across WA
Aphid activity is expected to increase in spring
Diamondback moth activity
Native budworm moth trapping update

PestFax Issue 19 August 2017

Native budworm moth activity and trapping update
CBH’s new three strike approach to maximum residue limit breaches
Useful information and apps

PestFax Issue 18 August 2017

Do you have patches of red and dying subterranean clover?
Barley and wheat disease update
Aphid activity update
Native budworm moth activity and trapping results

PestFax Issue 17 August 2017

Canola sclerotinia update
Growers are urged to monitor canola crops for diamondback moth caterpillars in August
Native budworm moth trapping
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PestFax Issue 16 August 2017

Barley disease update
More canola sclerotinia is being discovered
Powdery mildew is being found in wheat
Rhizoctonia bare patches found in barley and wheat
Diamondback moth update
Native budworm moth trapping. Do you want a trap?
New 2017 winter spring spray guide...

PestFax Issue 15 July 2017

Canola sclerotinia update
Powdery mildew found in canola
Leaf rust and powdery mildew are infecting wheat crops
Aphids and diamondback moths are in canola
Native budworm moth trapping

PestFax Issue 14 July 2017

The PestFax Reporter app is gaining popularity – have you used it yet?
African black beetles, weevils and sandgropers in barley
Aphid update and new CropScout app coming soon
Armyworms are present early this season, so will later generations reduce cereal yields?
Places still...

PestFax Issue 13 July 2017

Barley and wheat disease update
Growers are urged to diagnose what is causing patches or uneven growth in their crops
Slime moulds
Aphid activity update
Diamondback moths may be a problem this spring