PestFax is an informative and interactive reporting service on pests and diseases threatening crops and pastures throughout the grain belt of WA. Weekly news updates throughout the growing season provide readers with risk alerts, current information and advice.

PestFax Issue 2 April 2017

Powdery mildew found on wheat volunteers down south
Redlegged earth mites are starting to hatch
Snails and slugs are on the move in the south

PestFax Issue 1 April 2017

Green bridge increases risk of early onset of fungal and virus leaf diseases and soil-borne pests and diseases
2017 canola blackleg sporacle forecasts are now available and some canola varieties have reduced blackleg resistance ratings
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PestFax Special Harvest Issue November 2016

Look out for Sclerotinia sclerotes in harvested canola, lupin and pulse seed

Get your harvested field pea seed tested for Pea seed-borne mosaic virus

Seed-borne disease risks to be aware of this harvest!

Locust risk downgraded

What interesting statistics have emerged...

PestFax Issue 29 October 2016

Final PestFax newsletter for 2016!
More reports of fusarium crown rot
Clean augers, field bins and silos prevent insects contaminating grain
Harvesting a frosted crop
Locust activity update for central agricultural region
Native budworm moth trapping update

PestFax Issue 28 October 2016

PreDicta B agronomist root disease risk management course
Assistance now available for spring locust control
Native budworm moth activity and trapping update

PestFax Issue 27 October 2016

Monitor barley and wheat crops for fusarium crown rot
Australian plague locust update
Identify pests in your harvested grain
Native budworm moth activity and trapping update

PestFax Issue 26 October 2016

Weather conditions still conducive for leaf rusts and powdery mildew

Beneficial hoverfly larvae in lupins

Native budworm moth trapping update

More frost events and increasing reports of crop damage

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PestFax Issue 25 September 2016

Fusarium crown rot in wheat
Blackleg cankers appearing in canola crops
Bean yellow mosaic virus in lupins
Cercospora leaf spot in sub clover
Russian wheat aphid update
More reports of aphids and diamondback moth caterpillars in canola crops
Native budworm moth...

PestFax Issue 24 September 2016

Powdery mildew and leaf rust are still being found in cereals
Aphids and diamondback moths are in canola crops
Beneficial insects are controlling aphids in crops
Australian plague locusts spring update
Native budworm moth update
After recent frost events growers are...

PestFax Issue 23 September 2016

Barley leaf rust
Flag smut in wheat
Armyworm caterpillars still a problem in cereals in the north
Significant locust activity is anticipated during spring 2016 and autumn 2017
Native budworm moth trapping update
More frost damage reports
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