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PestFacts WA Reporter app now available for android devices

Mobile phones displaying various screen shots of the new PestFacts WA Reporter app

Growers and consultants with android devices can now download and use the new PestFacts WA Reporter app to make quick reports, or request identifications, of insects and plant diseases from broadacre crop and pasture paddocks anywhere in the WA grainbelt.

The new app that was released in June has recently only been available to apple users.

The PestFacts WA service, which includes the PestFacts WA newsletter and map, relies on your input and observations to alert the WA grains industry of what pests and plant diseases are a threat to WA broadacre crops and pastures.

It is no problem if you are out of mobile range, the app will send your report as soon as it gets a connection. 

This new app replaces the previous PestFax Reporter app, so once the new app is downloaded please delete the PestFax Reporter app.

To download this app visit the Apple app store and Google play store.

For more information refer to DPIRD’s PestFacts WA Reporter app page and explainer video.

For more information contact Senior application developer Steve Collins, Perth on +61 (0)8 9368 3436.



Article authors: Cindy Webster (DPIRD Narrogin) and Steve Collins (DPIRD Perth).