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Native budworm

  • Ambania
  • Nolba
  • Moonyoonooka
Native budworm caterpillar feeding on a canola pod
A native budworm caterpillar feeding on a canola pod. Photo courtesy of DPIRD.

This week Research scientist Saleh Adnan (DPIRD) found an average of five budworm caterpillars per 10 sweeps in a podding canola crop near Ambania, plus an average of one caterpillar per 10 sweeps in late flowering canola crops near Nolba and Moonyoonooka.

Moth trapping update

  • Usual automated and manual trapping locations

Over the last week our traps have captured larger moth numbers at: Ambania (19 moths), Kirwan (15), Northampton (8), Moonyoonooka (4), Maya (4) and Nolba (4).

More results of this week's trappings are available for viewing at the department’s Native budworm moth numbers 2022.

A mapped view of the native budworm trap captures is available at Cesar Australia’s MothTrapVisWA page. Viewers need to select the desired trapping date range.

Pesticide options for the control of native budworm can be found in DPIRD’s 2022 winter spring insecticide guide

Detailed information on this pest can be found at the department’s Management and economic thresholds for native budworm.

To read about previous native budworm activity this season refer to the 2022 PestFacts WA Issue 12 article Native budworm activity update.


For more information contact:

  • Technical officer Alan Lord, South Perth +61 (0)8 9368 3758
  • Research scientist Saleh Adnan, Geraldton on +61 (0)8 9956 8524.



Article author: Alan Lord (DPIRD South Perth).