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Subsidies to investigate deaths or disease in sheep

The Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA) recently launched a pilot program to boost surveillance and testing for emergency animal diseases in Western Australia (WA).

The Subsidised Disease Investigation Pilot Program can help you fully investigate disease in your sheep by subsidising the cost of a full veterinary investigation. 

An open sheep carcass being investigated

Subsidy amounts

As a participating producer you are eligible for:

  • a $300 subsidy for a complete disease investigation from your chosen vet
  • a mileage subsidy for up to 200 kilometres (if the veterinarian travels to the farm)
  • up to $800 worth of laboratory testing from the DAFWA Animal Health Laboratories.

Producers who use a private veterinarian receive the subsidy as a discount applied to their veterinary invoice.

By providing this financial incentive, the program aims to encourage more producers to investigate disease to obtain a correct diagnosis early.

It’s easy to access the program

If you notice signs of disease or unusual behaviour in your stock, contact your local private veterinarian or DAFWA veterinarian and request an investigation under the program.

Your veterinarian will:

  • seek approval from DAFWA to conduct disease investigation that is subsidised by the program
  • conduct a full investigation into the signs of disease
  • collect samples for laboratory testing to help determine the cause of the signs and rule out relevant exotic diseases.

Help your industry retain and grow overseas markets

  • Disease investigations provide evidence that WA continues to be free from exotic animal diseases, which is essential for ongoing access to overseas markets.
  • Disease investigations help detect exotic disease outbreaks early, when it is more likely the disease can be eradicated or controlled.

Boost your profits and productivity

This program gives you the opportunity to investigate disease signs in your stock at a reduced cost. Finding the cause of the disease can help you prevent it in future, improving your productivity and profitability.

More information

Contact Program Coordinator Kevin Hepworth on 0475 834 486 or

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